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Kanye West – All Dreams Real Lyrics

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[Intro: Kanye West]
It’s real, all dreams real
My boy text me, he told me, “Dream big”

[Interlude: Ant Clemons]
Like the cars that we own now, ’member we used to lease it
Now we undefeated, look at what the team did

[Chorus: Ant Clemons]
All dreams are real
All dreams, real (Real)
All dreams, real
All dreams, real, real

[Verse 1: Ant Clemons]
Spirit of Coltrane with us
Old slang, you know the old sayin’
Ho’s saying, “He sold out,” out the stores, mane
I like soul beats and pj’s, I’m so plain
Opps crowded around my house like I was Houssein
Came and grabbed me out my house like I was insane
Doc sayin’, “There’s somethin’ wrong with his membrane”
I’ve been sufferin’ from lack of sleep, bitch, I been drained
Gotta high type of tolerance for that type of pain
Pour some, I wan’ go numb ’till it’s okay
Here we go, I’m off the drink and now we in things
We was lowkey, heard you wanted to avenge things
We approached, we ain’t gon’ make it ’till the endgame
Guess that’s just what he got to do to get the rent paid
I ain’t gon’ hate on no man to get a bill paid
Bills ain’t the real pain, the real pain is real pain
Your self-hate, self-doubtin’, fake love

[Chorus: Ant Clemons & Kanye West]
All dreams, real (Real)
It’s that no limitations, babe
All dreams, real (Real)

[Verse 2: Kanye West]
Yeah, ‘Ye cold
But that Trump hat forced me to feel like I like J. Cole, damn
My own city turned they back on me
They thought I told Push about Drake’s son, goddamn
Like I ain’t want them to run, goddamn
I guess they fall and they dumb, goddamn
I don’t care about his son, goddamn
I just rap about me, goddamn
Niggas can’t resist publicity for free, goddamn
Always wantin’ somethin’ like it isn’t me, goddamn
Everytime, I rap it, this ain’t charity, goddamn
Energy that never die, energy that stay alive
Energy, the synastry I’m finna see a synesthesia
I could see ya, color feel ya
Bona feature, extra features
I’m allegiant, all the deats, all the features
And the teachers and the preachers
They could reach us on the feature
All the leaches, all my features
I was just in the bleachers
Jump the bleachers, I’m a thesis
That’s my thesis, Holy Jesus

[Chorus: Kanye West]
All dreams, real (Real)
All dreams, real (Real)

[Outro: Kanye West]
“Gotta let ‘Ye be ‘Ye”
Let me? Psh-psh-nigga?

Tee Grizzley – Trenches Lyrics

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[Verse 1: Big Sean]
Niggas prayin’ on my downfall (Straight up)
These niggas prayin’ on my downfall
Straight up from the bleachers, but I’m a different creature
I bring shit to the table, I ain’t fuckin’ with no leechers (No)
Dope dick, oh shit, I gave my bitch a seizure (Damn)
Knew somethin’ was weird when stepbro had a kitchen full of beakers
And he ain’t no chem teacher (Yeah)
I looked up to that nigga, then I looked up to the preacher, that’s why a nigga be preachin’ (Preachin’)
I can’t fuck with people who ain’t passionate, I’m adamant
If it’s my plan, it’s elaborate
Dropped out of State, but a nigga still done mastered it
If it’s my shit, I’m smashin’ it (Woah)
Your shit, I’m snatchin’ it (Woah)
Holy Jesus, Lazarus
AI braids, so don’t be talkin’ ’bout no practice, bitch (Lil’ bitch)
I done been around actors and activists
I can get money alone or collaborative
I can take a pic with a bad bitch and afterwards she a badder bitch, that’s facts

[Verse 2: Tee Grizzley]
Yeah, I went to Cody and Dixon (Both)
Three dollars to my name, got a juice and a McChicken (Starvin’)
Call in some Coney, it’s gon’ be done in twenty minutes
Don’t go up there without no strap, might have to bang it out with some niggas, wait, hold up
Went on Google, when I looked up your lyrics, they ain’t have no meaning in ’em
Pourin’ Actavis on my bullets, might have to lean a nigga
Yeah, she bad, but I can’t wife her if she been seen with niggas
I’d rather stay broke and go chase with some greedy niggas
Like Mike dropped, I’m like, “I wish I was Lil Bow Wow”
Unc’ like, “Never wish you was another nigga”
It ain’t fuck these niggas, but fuck these niggas
Asked am I happy with this money? Bitch, I’m happy to be livin’
I was makin’ a sandwich, they started shootin’ through the kitchen
I got lower than a midget, bullets crashin’ through them dishes
Ayy, I’m really from them trenches (Really)
Nigga sneak diss me, then see me and ask for pictures
Ayy, man, these niggas bitches
If I don’t do that real nigga shit, how they gon’ see it?
All these other rappers killers or drippin’ like greasy pizza (Fake-ass niggas)
All that shit smoke and mirrors, Arabic shisha (Yup)
Start talkin’ to moon, God made me a different creature, ah
Remember when I almost gave up on this music shit? (I did)
Highly favored, ayy, I really dodged a Boosie bid (I did, nigga)
She see the Cuban, she gon’ wanna get that coochie hit (Come here)
My chain got more fuckin’ colors than a Coogi fit
Stay talkin’ ’bout me, tell ’em tell you how I feel (Tell ’em)
I thank God, he been workin’ harder than the devil (Amen)
I’m a black rich felon with some hit records
Joy Road, what I been yellin’, niggas been tellin’ (Nigga)
Care ’bout a lot, but I don’t give a fuck ’bout what it cost (I don’t)
You ain’t gotta pay for nothin’, bitch, you with a boss (I got you)
Just don’t go over your budget, that’s gon’ piss me off
They wanna know my cologne, can’t let ’em get the sauce
Love my hood, but you will never see me go there (Never)
All that bein’ a real nigga shit ain’t get me nowhere (Nowhere)
You love your hood? Nigga, fuck your hood
See the world, go get a crib off the coast, live good
My whole hood got extinct over petty beef
Niggas I looked up to growing up, they deceased (Dead)
Wish they could have been here, damn, how I get here?
God saved me with the rap game, even though this shit weird (Shit weird)
Me and Shine, we put on for the crib
Call us DTE ’cause we cut on the lights around that bitch (Facts)
Fat ugly nigga get ’em wet like Pretty Ricky (I do)
She gon’ throw it back for a Moncler and 50-50s
On my mama, I was really in them trenches (In them trenches)
They ain’t men, niggas bitches
On my mama, I was really in them trenches (In them trenches)
Ayy, they ain’t men, nigga bitches, you hear me?