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Dark Time Sunshine – 7 Knots

Speed limit is 7 knots,
Follow the free man bridge
Wavy wavy can’t save myself from myself
Overthinking the un-thinkable
Putting too much in what I have no control of
So thinkable
[?] can’t fucking swim, get approach
Grade [?] It happens when you swim a little
But you leave it figuratively trash
We don’t join in the glory
I’ve decided the limb beneath my own personal purgatory
Although my advantage point at that moment was rock bottom, bottom
It taught me how to mold colors and become auton
It taught me values of the trial, it’s when person
Meets more at the end of the days than the actual excursion in itself
I guess I’ll sing we’re just here to help
Alex and Mikael [?] on the top shelf

He was scatter brain
She was scatter brain
They were scatter brain
We were scatter brain
I was scatter brain
You were scatter brain
Is everybody scatter brain?
Too late.
Welcome to the kay
Speed limit is 7 Knots
Follow the free man bridge

[7 Knots Lyrics will be soon updated.]