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Busta Rhymes – Satanic Lyrics

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[Intro: Busta Rhymes]
Hope you can hear me loud and clear while I give you this talk
I hope I leave enough fuel for all of the minds I will spark
And while I come and share with you the realest words from my heart
I hope you’re ready for this truth ’cause it’s about to get dark
Yo (Yo, yo, yo)
Yo (Yo, yo, yo)
Yo (Yo, yo, yo)
They said the world about to end, right?
Well let me get this shit off before it do

[Verse: Busta Rhymes]
Look, I had to compile this shit into a song
It’s so intriguing, all this fuckin’ satanic shit goin’ on
Playin’ with symbols and signs, Devil worshippin’, people talk
Like they prayin’ to Lucifer, but what happened to “Jеsus Walks”?
Yeah, we have dеmented thoughts that you conversate with your savior
Askin’ for forgiveness while displaying blasphemous behavior
At first we seen it subtle, now niggas display it major
They goin’ out they way like they doin’ Satan a favor
And gamble with they life like rattlin’ dice in a shaker
Another life for Satan, turnin’ your back on your maker
I’m only tryna cater to the facts and shit I’m seein’
A lotta questionable shit, like the fuck these niggas believe in?
But now, we don’t figure the same, your music is lifeless
And your visuals lookin’ like rituals and sacrifices
Makin’ deals with the Devil in exchange to be the nicest
You’re dead like your flesh was eaten by maggots and lices
You all witnessed the change, now nobody wanna be righteous
The days we live is dark and unquestionably a crisis
The Devil tried to plant the fear from when we was in diapers
And some grew up possessed, staring in the Eye of Osiris
Now I know you see this shit while you sit and wonder what happened
It’s strange how niggas brandish devil worship like a fashion
The signs of the times, clouds from the heavens open
Where birds fall from the sky and fish die in the ocean
Now who you think you foolin’? We’re seein’ the way you’re movin’
I hope you take the time to start thinkin’ about what you’re doin’
You’re playin’ with a match that can grow into an inferno
Undescribable to burn when the fire’s feelin’ eternal
I hope you document this and write it down in your journal
And read it back to yourself while overcomin’ your hurdles
Now trust me and be careful of who you let in your circle
‘Cause the Devil fucks a life and then breeds the pussy that’s fertile
I know it’s gettin’ cold and you’re fightin’ the war eternal
Body decayin’, turnin’ all grey and blue, even purple
You portray a lotta shit with no rehearsal
But in life, we don’t rehearse, what you do can come back and hurt you
And until then, my child of the devil to work through
Look at what you’ve become, and what the Devil gave birth to
And when it hits the fan, you be wonderin’ where your folks went
The niggas that disappear when the science is kinda potent
I’m just buildin’, I didn’t mean to give an earful
Just carryin’ out my duty, anybody just be careful (Be careful, be careful, be careful)

[Outro: Chris Rock]
You niggas can’t fuck with the god, Busta Rhymes
You niggas can’t fuck with the god, Busta Rhymes
You hear me, niggas!?
You niggas can’t fuck with the god, Busta Rhymes
Do you understand!?
You niggas can’t fuck with the god, Busta Rhy-
Return, motherfuckers!
You niggas can’t fuck with the god, Busta Rhy-
God MC!
You niggas can’t fuck with the god, Busta Rhy-
Baddest of all time!
You niggas can’t fuck with the god, Busta Rhy-
Brooklyn, nigga!
You niggas can’t fuck with the god, Busta Rhymes
Go to school!
You niggas can’t fuck with the god, Busta Rhymes
You know you can’t
You niggas can’t fuck with the god, Busta Rhymes
Oh, Extinction Level Event 2, biatch! (Biatch, biatch, biatch)

Busta Rhymes – E.L.E. 2 Intro Lyrics

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Currently on Extinction Level Event 2
Genesis Chapter eleven, verses one through nine
Thousands of years before Christ
Tyrant Nimrod, Gilgamesh of Shinar, enslaved the first empire
One world language, one world religion, one world order
We have learned nothing (One)
Making the keys to heaven a gift to the devil
Those who desire to supplant God
Illuminati who tempt and horrify us as the most perfect angel Lucifer
Seek to rebirth a new world order upon the flesh, blood, and bones of all humanity
Again, towers rose skyward to challenge his divine glory
To conquer his serene domain
As in ancient Babylon, the one true Lord brought them down
In 2001, three became naught, conspiracy is reality
Fear is the weapon of thine enemy
Acts of terror a lie, told to convince the meek to surrender to their rulers
Atmospheric variances melt the polar ice caps and drown the rats who walk on two legs
An incurable virus to decimate the dark, nuclear rain to set us aflame
Obscured by a curtain of venom from space in the name of science
Fall to your knees, pray to a last choking breath
A new world order is here, arrogance over God means annihilation
Daddy, what’s it gonna be like in the year 2021?
Only he can save us
This is the second coming
Extinction Level Event 2

[Intro: Chris Rock]
There’s only five years left, nigga
There’s only five years left, nigga!
There’s only two years left, nigga
There’s only one day left, nigga
It’s the end of the world, motherfucker
Shit, we right here with Busta Rhymes, motherfucker
The baddest, the biggest
He been doin’ it for the longest, been doin’ for the strongest, bitch
It’s the end of the world and these are the last days
This might be— this might be the last day
And lucky you, on your last day
You gon’ hear the Busta Rhymes album, you lucky bitch

[Verse 1: Busta Rhymes]
Well, it’s the God (Yes), no illusions
Blessings while I greet y’all in the absence of confusion
With science to spark the mind with thoughts of greater living
It gets deeper than secrets in Masonic symbolism
And I understand if you can find it extremely hard to calculate it
As dude who refer to himself as God, let me demonstrate it
If you don’t get it at first, revisit it later
But in the meantime, let’s examine the difference in our nature
As in lovin’ or hateful, patriotic or rebel
Positive and negative, or in God and the devil
It’s been debated for years, let’s acknowledge the magic
While some embrace the jewel, others’ll witness it as tragic
But I’m addicted to exposing the truth, it’s a habit
Since a youngin’ using a pencil to write the mathematics
Incorporating the science while I give you the classics
While some’ll find it strange and resort to measures that’s drastic
I articulate with clarity, reassure when you hear this
Some identity me as cuckoo or conspiracy theorist
Some might call me crazy ’cause at times my life seems out of order
Thus possessin’ answers to the total square mileage of land and water
Go get your recorder ’cause even on my worst day
When I’m lifting the weight on my shoulders, I could tell you what the Earth weigh
Let me listen to the wind so I can hear the Earth begin
The universe speak ’round the celebration of my birthday
That being said, we can stop pretendin’ that I’m mental
Like all the shit we witnessed be happenin’ coincidental
See, back in ’98 when I dropped the first Extinction Level
I was fightin’ inner demons with personal scores to settle
They put it in a movie ’cause they knew that we ain’t really know
Funny how they tried to tell us 22 years ago
What deeply impacted how watchin’ a flick really moved me
As the world was ending, Morgan Freeman was prez in a movie
So, let’s fast-forward to 2009
Or 2012 when we left an impression on the minds
Of the people makin’ sure we remember if we slightly doubted
That the world was ending and we can’t really do shit about it
Damn, funny when I saw the flick, it did amuse me through
To the point that Danny Glover was prez the movie too
Then I questioned why they reiteratin’ the same plot
Should we be a little para’ now that they gave us Barack?
In 2020, the message I’m sending
Now that my president gone, how convenient the world has ended

[Verse 2: Rakim]
I tried to warn ’em with The Seventh Seal
The world is wounded, it may never heal
Even Mother Nature’s gettin’ ill, it’s gettin’ real
When millions get killed when that deadly weather spill
Until Sodom and Gomorrah’s on America’s turf
The horror, it’ll forever get worse
Yet and still, it’s like a gift at birth then you inherit a curse
But the meek must inherit the Earth, it’s Heaven’s will
Meek meaning powerless in the form of politics
Giving power at the dawn of the apocalypse
And war is stronger than peace
It’s poverty ’til the majority is scarred with the mark of the beast
So the righteous prevail to work miracles
Prepare to weather you through the unbearable and reverse the inevitable
You find you a sin, remind you of when
Back when God lived in men and that time is again
Signs of the end, read Mark chapter 13
And Daniel chapter 12, understand you wrapped in hell
Revelations show the facts as well
Then read Prophets in the Quran and ask yourself
Do you rep a nation bred for hatin’?
Judgement Day ain’t far, don’t get left debatin’
‘Cause what they thinkin’ is the end of creation
Is actually the reincarnation of Gods, the death of Satan

[Outro: Busta Rhymes & Pete Rock]
Somethin’ just to think about a little bit, you know?
As I continue to bring y’all to a place where
We remind you how special it is to have
A good balance of science, and a good balance of heat
Classic shit, as I continue to give you that food
Feast on this full course meal, as I welcome you all
To “Extinction Level Event 2”, easy
Whose world is this? It’s mine, It’s mine, It’s mine
Whose world is this? It’s mine, It’s mine, It’s mine
Whose world is this?
I believe the world belongs to the people
It has always belonged to the people
So to the powers that be
Fuck your plague and your disease and your sickness
That you have inflicted on so many lives since the beginning of time with your colonization
Fuck your systematic oppression, the systematic racist oppression
Matter of fact, fuck you
This program contains graphic material, including offensive language
Viewer discretion is advised