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AM – Chop Dat Freestyle | Alphabetical Slaughter A-Z Lyrics

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Aim at anyone
Awkward angles, all at analong
Authenticity, active armies air artillery
Big black batteries, bullet, bullet, bop bat Battersea
Better be banter
Broad day bootings, bag that banger
Can’t come Cowley, corn come chunky
Critical, crash, chill comfy
Dilligent, dilligent dancin’ different
Don’t do deals, diffident, definite
Everyone Es, energy, energy
Enemies, envy, easy ebony
Fight for family
.45 filament, firin’ fuckery
Gang get gory, gotta go gеt gangster
Gotta grind get goody
Hypocrite, hatin’, hittin’ homе, hit his hoodie
Initially I imagine internal injuries
Impact is irregular, interrupted, intervene
Jugg jim, just jugg, jugg
Jokeman, just jab, jab
Kimberley keepin’ kilos
Knock, knock, kidnap
Long life, livin’ luxury
Learn lessons like lecture
Mally, Mally, mash macaroni
More money, money man measure
Needs no narrative, neeky, noisey neighbours negative
Open organs, one order, obstructin’ officers
Pacel packagin’ pack, patternin’, press, penetrate, protagonist
Quick questions, quick quarellin’, Queen quality, quiet quarantine
Rolls Royce risky, region rambos rip ’round rookies
Step straight, so savage, spin, slap it, sirens sing, skin severed
Tea turn Taliban, tek, tek time, try talk through Telegram
They try Tennessee, 22 times, try turn it 23
Ugly, ugly, useless undies upset usually
Vile verdicts, venomous vermin vexin’ virally
We went whooshin’, with Wellington’s, we won, we’re wickedly
Xenophobia, Xavier, xeno energy
Youthful yesterday, you youngers ying, yang, yuckily
Zig zag zeverers, zoology, zonin’ zealously
King of the drill ting
Bare man’s right talkin’ they’re kings of drill but you can’t rap, bro
Anyone can say “ying this, ying that,” but you can’t rap, bro
No one gets bars in, this is alphabetical chop, man’s choppin’ that
Chop dat freestyle, you really know
Shoutout broski for the beat, shoutout Laaga’s
Definitely, man’s choppin’ it in half
I’ll tell you suttin’ else, hey, listen
Draw out your favourite rapper, draw him up, tell him to bars from A to Z
Shoutout Papoose, the original alphabetical slaughter
Draw out your favourite rapper, tell them to do what man done, on drill