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Chris King & Famous Dex – ENERGY! Lyrics

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[Intro: Famous Dex & Chris King]
Yeah (Ha, snot)
Snotty nose Dexter (Snotty mafia)
1400/800, ya dig?
I was just chillin’ right here freestylin’ too(Fourteen, ha)
Know what I’m sayin’? (Know what I’m sayin’?)
And I drop my Dior’s (Duh, ha)
Let’s go, yeah (What), ooh, bitch (Know what I’m sayin’?)
Uh (Ha), Oh man goddamn
And what I say is, uh-uh, “fuck you and fuck you too” (Know what I’m sayin’?)
(Snot) Yeah

[Verse 1: Famous Dex & Chris King]
Coolin’ with Snotty and shit (What), I got a bad lil’ bitch
She wanna suck on my dick (Let’s go), she wanna give me a hit
(Oh man goddamn)
Ooh wait, huh, hit her on what? (Hit her on what?)
If I ain’t fuckin’ on that pussy, baby girl, I can’t even do nothin’
(Whatchu’ talkin’ ’bout? Whatchu’ talkin’ ’bout?)
She wanna throw a golf to the store
I keep a Glock right in my coat
I be so high, I don’t know why
Two little bitches put it right at the nose (Two)
Call up Chris, you know that’s my brother and them (Call up Chris)
And when I’m suckin’ it, you know how it go (Huh?)
I keep a pole, I’ll let it blow
Green like, green like, huh, let’s go (Let’s go)

[Interlude: Famous Dex & Chris King]
Wait, come up here real quick (What up?)
Yo snot? (Come up here real quick)
Lemme get that, let me get that
I got it, I got it (Talk yo shit, ahh)

[Verse 2: Chris King & Famous Dex]
Fuckin’ her best friend and she didn’t even know
Wet it up, Roll with you [?] Polish
You can’t talk too much ’cause my dick in her throat
Loadin’ up .40s, I watch Rick and Morty
My plug-y just told me he import his health
Smokin’ on Louie, the thirteenth and shit, it’s just members only you can’t get in the store (A woah, gas)
Lamborgini when we left up the doors
Blow this whistle like I’m callin’ a dog
Bubble headlights look like a frog
Roll the Benz when I stem through the fog
Lift his spirit up, I give ’em to God

[Verse 3: Famous Dex]
Oh my god, yeah, I feel I’m boss
I got the money, I feel like a boss, huh, wait
Go through the walls me and slime, yeah, we go through the walls
Ooh, she all on my balls, baby look good, she all on the walls
She wanna fuck on the wall, wait
I got the money you lookin’ at me
I’m running ’round and ’round the buildin’
She wanna fuck in the semi, I’m running ’round, you don’t got a semi
Hop out the window, but I can not fuck with no fake ho
Yeah, I got me a Draco, mm, I let it spray though
You know Chris, that’s my brother, you know that’s my slatt
That bitch want me to hit it
Know she a freak, hit her from the back (bitch-bitch)

[Outro: Famous Dex & Chris King]
Know what I’m sayin’? Could of kept goin’, ya dig? (Yeah, kill it)
That’s gas
Mixtape on the way, though
Snotty Nose Dexter, ha (Let’s do it)