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Black Thought – I’m Not Crazy (First Contact) Lyrics

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[Intro: Black Thought, John Trudell]
Twenty-one pounds, twenty-one pounds, twenty-one pounds, twenty-one pounds, twenty-one pounds
So, when Columbus got here, he got off the boat and said to the first people he saw: “Who are you?” And the first people he saw said: “We’re human beings.”

[Verse: Black Thought, John Trudell]
They say the world keep turnin’, California’s burnin’
Who reignited the thirst for knowledge over the learnin’?
Oh wise and powerful, black scholar holdin’ a sermon
The Gods is proud of you with your sword raised in a turban
Columbus said: “Oh, Indians”
The return of the prodigal sire accountable
For makin’ remarks, remarkable
I hear some artists withdrew and I was responsible
A vessel partial for sendin’ that holy gospel through
Columbus is every descendant of the tribe of Europe that came
This is a mentality that came, the “Columbus Mentality” we name it
But in about discovering this it’s, you know almost like this is when the virus got here
We go to war when peaceful solution’s impossible
A mountain is not to be confused with an obstacle
Anyway, when Columbus got here
And he didn’t know what it meant to be a human being.​

Easy, stop fucking resisting, back up, back up
What the fuck, I’m standing right here
I’m not moving, I’m just standing still
Back up, back up
Love, patience, brotherhood and unity
We try and we try and we try, if they become a threat