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R.A. The Rugged Man – Angelic Boy Lyrics

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I-I don’t… I don’t know what I’m gonna do anymore…
I’m gonna kill… them

[Verse 1]
I’m 15, my name’s Johnny, they say that I’m a sociopath
Cuz I kill squirrels and birds for a hobby
I build backyard bombs, I can teach ya
Aluminum foil and hydrochloric acid from toilet bowl cleaner
Basically girls don’t date me, teachers hate me
I’m a pimpled faced loser, been picked on since grade 3
Called enough names, makin’ chump change, my blood rains
I wanna punch brains, I wanna cut veins and blow up planes
My sister, she’s a known whore, I hate my family
My dad is a cop, that fat pig just don’t understand me
Fuck all the slutty loose hoes and cyber bullies and rube trolls
And rich kids in school makin’ fun of my school clothes
Cryin’ inside, dyin’ inside and my mind is torture
I been diagnosed with more than just an anxiety disorder
Every dream I have shattered, everything dramatic, traumatic
The pain tragic, I wanna be dead, I wanna lay in traffic
Is my brain damaged? I was raised catholic
I prayed in the cathedral of St. Patrick but I’m hated in my age bracket
The kids in the school call me a gay faggot
Mental, I’m deadly, I’m ready
I’ma make ’em remember my name and they won’t ever forget me

[Chorus 1]
I’m-I’m-I’m 15
I wanna be somebody
My name’s Johnny
They’ll remember me

[Verse 2]
My mother love me, she’s the only one that didn’t judge me
I pledge allegiance to my dick, I hate this fuckin’ country
They can die and kiss my dick, piss on the flag, spit on a fag
Fuck any bitch pig with a badge, I’m pissed like a bitch on the rag
I head to a gun-free zone, an ice cream parlor
They’ll put me on Rolling Stone covers like the Boston bomber
Looks like a Norman Rockwell, All-American, nice scene
I walk in and see kids with their parents, eatin’ ice cream
Innocent children smilin’, I can’t stand ’em like roaches
I got a semi-auto handgun and a bag of explosives
Sweat drippin’, I’m shakin’, the trigger, fuck it, I touch it
The gun goes off, I hit a 6-year-old boy in his stomach
He’s crying, his mother’s screamin’, she and the little baby on the floor bleedin’, ain’t nobody leavin’, it’s time to get even
I start shooting, blood splatters on the curtain fabric
I feel like I’m high on acid
As the gunpowder explodes in slow mo, the gun flashes
I’m blackin’ out, I see children fallin’ and blood splashes
Blood on my eyeglasses, die bastards!
Gun, cock it, I’m steppin’ in my own vomit
I can’t believe I’m doin’ this, it’s too late, I’m all-in, I can’t stop it
A disgrace livin’, I’m hate-driven, I see a little girl dyin’ on the floor
And a boy with his face missin’
I keep firin’, a pregnant mother gets hit, customers trippin’
Over bodies runnin’ towards the doors of the exit
I hear police sirens, I see the cops surrounded me
I notice a hole in my chest and blood flowin’ outta me
Vision blurry, I’m frozen, bullets in my body explodin’
Blood and sweat soakin’, feces and urine in my clothing
Bullet flies through my cheek, a bullet hit my neck, my neck broken
Vomit coming from my mouth, I’m spitting up blood, chokin’
I see flowers growin’, I feel like I’m floatin’
I see my casket closin’ and hear the voices of tortured souls moanin’
Like this

I’m 15
My name’s Johnny
I’ll make ’em remember my name

[Verse 3]
The message: Cause some bodily harmin’
And become a master of murder and arson
And you could be the media’s personal darlin’
They call blacks, thugs, and Muslims terrorists
But I’m white, so they say I could’ve been cured by medication and therapists
They blame Facebook, blame video games, they blame the pain
They blame the gun owners, they blame the bullies
It’s a blame game
Blame the opposing politician’s policies, but wait a minute
They blame parents, everybody but me
I’m the one that did it
The conspiracy theorists and every Alex Jones fan
Is claimin’ I was part of a CIA mind control program
I got what I wanted, attention, fame, I’m on TV
No one cares about the names of the victims or their family
I’m the super star, the ratings booster, I’m media friendly
And all the glorification is helpin’ to create the next me

R.A. The Rugged Man – Who Do We Trust? Lyrics

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I’m the last one they should ever let speak
I should save politics for Dead Prez and Immortal Technique
Rugged-Rugged-Rugged-Rugged-Rugged Man!
Immortal Technique
Our way of life is under attack
The survival of our friends is in danger

[Verse 1: Immortal Technique]
There’s a new housing plan for the ghetto eventually (what?)
Projects for a new American century (damn!)
False-flag terrorism controlling you mentally (hoo)
The gospel in the hands of people with no empathy (none!)
A mixture of dangerous social chemistry
Between law enforcement and a military entity (look!)
Cameras on the corner of every corner you’re facing
Testing out a future gestapo on immigration
Power consolidation, information restricted (right here!)
Just like the iron law of oligarchy predicted (hmm)
Incarcerating the poor among the drug addicted (huh)
But not the families of the ruling class that’s afflicted (why?)
Cause it’s a fuckin’ caste system like corrupted Hinduism
I think you should listen, I been through the system in prison
I been through religion, carried the cross as a Christian
Like it was antidisestablishmentarianism (hmm)
Until the seeds of despotism arrested my vision
Lyricism with cynicism and syllogisms
Until they [❓❓] I’ll be [❓❓] and kill me in prison (yeah)
Chemtrail conditions
Stem cells of Leo Strauss’ philosophy (who?)
The birth of neo-con policy, but I laughed at America’s fear
Of a New World Order controllin’ the hemisphere
’cause my people been livin’ that for the past 500 years

Intelligence, understanding
The facts they deserve to know
No governmental plan
Should impose its restraints against your will
Who do we trust? Who do we trust?
The-the facts-
Who do we trust? who do we trust?
Who can I trust? who can I trust?
Knowledge of himself-self-self-self-self-
Who can I trust? Who can I trust?

[Verse 2: R.A]
Expose crimes of the power structure, enter the fire
‘Cause the truth is now treason to the U.S. empire
U.S meddlin’ in almost every foreign election
See where the next drone headin’?
Civilian dead in the Yemen weddin’
Barely reported because the weapons were exported from the politicians in the Pentagon, the Saudis bought it
And the babies and the children were slaughtered
The authorization, altercation, deplorable, demoralization
Obedience to authority, colonize the minority
Social norm is to conform to the immoral majority
White superiority, secession of separatism
The terrorism of American exceptionalism
Go to plan B, be free, fuck the TV, fuck the PD
Fuck a Tuskegee VD grave plaque, soldier pop
Corpse rot, spin over
Monsanto weed killer, non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Whistleblower men are afraid to label the threat a traitor
Executive legislator tryna suppress your behavior
Intelligence interrogator collectin’ metadata
Condemnin’ the messenger and censorin’ the educator
CIA feed the propaganda to the television
In the next edition, the pundits preach it in repetition
Loyal to the monarchy, hereditary or elected
Fuck a royal family, and fuck a president selected

Secret society
The secret oath
I-I-Imposing restraints against your will
Who do we trust? Who do we trust?
The-the facts-
Who do we trust? Who do we trust?
Who can I trust? Who can I trust?
Knowledge of himself-self-self-self-self-self-
Who can I trust? Who can I trust?
Informing and alerting
The American people

What’s the cadet motto at Westpoint? “You will not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do”? I- I- I was a CIA director, we lied, cheated, we stealed- we stole! It’s like, we had- we had entire training courses! It, It uh- It it it reminds you of the glory of The American Experiment