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Soul Clap – WTF (World Transformation Force)

[Speaking verses:]

World transformation force
It’s our reaction to what’s happening to this planet
Called Earth
And to us, the human beings on it
And it call for radical love and radical hope
A belief that things will get better
Even as we learn how to get there.
It’s a wakeup call to action
For all of us to join together, on the path
Dance music was born as a subversive movement
Of marginalized people
And we believe it’s our duty to follow in their footsteps
And use the power of our culture for positive change
The world is the Planet we live on,
Our home, as gift to rely on for survival
The transformation is universal love
A reminder of compassion, empathy, human connection from the heart
Our essential to our energy, that have power to heal
The force is what we need to make an impact
No one said it would be easy to fight for justice, peace, and our planet
With every step are we become more loving, equal, and sustainable?
This body of music has arrived
During the time when we find ourselves with our hands in the air
And screaming WTF, well, the answer is exactly that: WTF.
Together our force is stronger, and to transform the world
Of the magnitude of our universal love grows, now is the time
We are all a World Transformation Force.