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CZARFACE & MF DOOM – Mando Calrissian Lyrics

Previously on CZARFORCE
Yeah man
Like I ordered two tacos, man, they gave me three
Super what?, super what?
Lets see how he likes this dose of
Super what?, super what?
It’s carnival row out here, man
Czarface a été aperçu sur notre radar, volant au dessus des nuages

[Verse 1: Inspectah Deck]
When their ribs touchin’, you can get your crib rushed in
The kid frontin’ like he did somethin’
Wig crushin’ like we ain’t got the pigs lustin’
You a bozo, clown, this ain’t a kid function
I’m big lunchin’, your lips bumpin’
So deadly with the crab, got me duckin’ the witch huntin’
My fit’s stuntin’, your chicks in the whip crushin’
They fist pumpin’, they’vе been lovin’ your big cousin
It’s nothin’

[Verse 2: MF DOOM]
Out your element, rational, irrеlevant
What he lack in sentiment was stashed in the tenement
Sounds brash, so imminent you can hear death
Alas cheap cologne, cold swine, beer breath
You in there fresh, laugh, steer yes (Yes)
Severe test passed, “Next corner, veer left”
Mask told, New York City mad cold
Whoop ’em like ass though, scrapped in a man hole
Damn, yo

[Verse 3: Esoteric]
Yo, used to go Rambo
Now I don’t start a fight, freeze him in Czarbonite
Mando, even when demand’s low, commando
Spaceknight, that all right, Bill Mantlo
Anthro, light ‘pology, a curly Lambo
Y’all use keys, I use a pen to make a van go
Y’all new low, selling fifty dollar features
My new low, white and blue to match my sneakers (Yeah)
I get loose, swear on my name like Shih-Tzus
Flip truth like Cliff Booth when he whipped Bruce

[Outro: MF DOOM]
Here on the computer
Super hot, super hot, hot
Remember to keep a mask, ninety-nine cents a cent
Keep a mask, keep a mask
Here comes Vader slashing with a saber
Here on the computer (DOOM!)
Yeah, the whole mask thing
Punk can’t slide from ground zero
(CZARFACE) Labeled a town heroOr anything, he never took the mask offIn fact the same wrestler went to the White House
And put Jimmy Carter in a headlock with that mask on
He would go into the bank and cash his check with that mask on
Super hot