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Lil Darkie – HOW TO ROB A BANK Lyrics

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[Intro: Lil Darkie & CHRIST DILLINGER]
This is Spider 1 to Spider 2, do you copy? Over
Loud and clear, Spider 1
Spider 1, you got some company up ahead
I ain’t see nothing all night. You sure they’re even still around?
Keep your eyes peeled

(Man, why these fuck niggas always talkin’ shit?)
I don’t know, Dillinger

[Verse 1: Lil Darkie]
Maybe ’cause they broke, broke
You should rob a bank
All these songs ass, I could spank every single rapper
Every MC, like a hammer
If you don’t like the slammer, better stay up out the camera’s sight
You ain’t seein’ shit
All that everyonе can think about is bein’ rich

[Bridge: Lil Darkie & CHRIST DILLINGER]
Ayy, Dillinger
Open up this, this fuckin’ door rеal quick
Yeah nigga, I got you

First things first, I’ma hack into the mainframe
Pussy niggas pussy, all the niggas say the same thing
I got a mystery drink in my red cup
Watchin’ my back ’cause I’m robbin’ from sun up to sun down
Pussy niggas wanna be my son now
I’ma post a pic with all these guns now
Run up, you get gunned down
I’ll shoot a woman in the club, it’s a hoedown
Big ass chain and it’s hangin’ by my nuts now
Every time that we commit a crime, it goes properly
Robbin’ all these niggas ’cause I’m still livin’ in poverty
You know we don’t feel no pressure from these puny MC’s
So much pressure in my blunt, these little niggas can’t breathe
Tell ’em put your hands up, high up when I’m in it
Big pile of cash, I’m ’bout to dive in it
And the [?] to dark when I’m in it
Tint so damn dark, can’t find the guy in it

[Verse 3: Lil Darkie]
It’s so damn dark, can’t find the guy
Ain’t it funny how the motherfuckin’ spider fly
All these guys wanna be us and make these bucks
That’s why I got the PP7 loaded by my side, uh
Hop in the car, like here my nigga, what’s up
Let’s get the fuck out and dodge, I think I got us enough
You ever get the cops on, you better put up the Dutch
And put the pedal to the metal like a medical rush
Like you an ambulance, nigga, and gotta save you a patient
And this is an emergency, but we don’t have any patience
Get to switchin’ locations, it’s one of them situations
Where if we get the coppers off us, we can go on vacation

[Verse 4: CHRIST DILLINGER, Lil Darkie, CHRIST DILLINGER & Lil Darkie]
Niggas gettin’ high at the Spider headquarters
Niggas tryna borrow dough because we the bread holders
Niggas listenin’ to others, we don’t need to get orders
Niggas workin’ at McDonalds, niggas need to get orders
Fry cook, nigga, flippin’ burgers like he SpongeBob
Your bitch got the sandy cheeks, she tryna suck my nuts off
I just got so hard, I put a condom on, it popped off
Walked up in the party, saw your bitch ass and I got soft
I just popped a Percocet and now my penis erect
I have so much money that the IRS won’t detect
Bitch, you got a problem, you should rectify the defect
Niggas want some money, but don’t care about the respect
I got so much money on me, shorty take her clothes off
I got Jewish niggas on me, move like Bernie Madoff
We just took the money from the bank and then we made off

[Outro: Lil Darkie & CHRIST DILLINGER]
Yeah, say a rapper thing
Money bags