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Papoose – In the crib dancing

Give a hand, dance is not always good
Just cause it’s not
Haters don’t want what you could give
They want what you got

“In the crib dancing” Lyrics continue below:

News flash, you can’t buy love
And money don’t make you real world
When you’re feeding the snake it doesn’t give them the strip to like you
You’re just making the bigger snake, and give them the [?] to bite you
Still screaming give me a chance
40-something years old tryina get in advance
Wake up in the morning with a dirty dick in their hands
Before they even brush their teeth, they get on a gram
Still snaking, you could smell their breath through the comments
Negative outlook talking a bunch of nonsense
Coke & Cola-Cola so we all got a [?] of certification
In case you came in the hood, and we’ve got a victim
Exercise when I can, gotta stay healthy
Before I was rich, I’m getting wealthy
Did it on my own (ah-ha), ain’t nobody helped me
They ain’t do nothin’
(What) the fuck they’re gonna tell me?
School of hartknox, principle expelled me
I was taking shots, they was taking
I’d be saying it twice, filming my own TV show
I’m creating it right, so we had to shoot the pilot
I ain’t takin’ the flight
Focus like Roy Jones when I’m facing the mic
Put the city on my back, like I’m takin’ a hike
You spit the type of crack they get naked & wipe
But I spit the type of crack that they got placed in the pipe
You’ve been sugar coatin’ shit
I’d be straight and precise
Instead of speaking truth, you’re worried about sayin’ it nice
You should’ve kept it real when you’ve given advice
Make man out of the youth, instead of making them mice
Niggas say they’ve got the wave, they ain’t waving it right
Catch a case [?] they’d be waving it rice
Bunch of Instagram thoughts misbehaving for life
[?] on how you’re paying the price
My crown heights niggas made you beg for your life
It’s like you wanna talk big but you’re afraid of the heights
But I’ll calm down, I’m a family man
So, if I’ma get broke Ima fix it, I’m a handyman
But I ain’t with the bullshit, understand me, man
You keep call me, I’ll keep coming like a candyman
Democrat or Republican, the same world
Two different wings attached to the same burn
Mortal life in this, they watched our stories but they don’t like your shit
Friends think that you should buy them things, sense on entitlement
Grandma say they are nice and quick, then you find out they don’t write their shit
I’m still subject for righteousness, fire quick
I’m just a product of my environment
Should’ve listen to AZ, he told me life’s a bitch
What kind of fight is this? No one ain’t buying paper view
I got the fire stick
Donald Trump is an entire [?] ignore scientists
Now everybody’s dying sick
What a psychotic prick!
Some people think they’re better than you, don’t let the lie exist
Uncomfortable when you’re in your own skin
Like they’ve got psoriasis
Don’t make me come out of my retirement, go and find a brick
Aim at your glass, house and [?] shit
but I’ve just moved in a magic,
just me & my family in the crib dancing.