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Andy Mineo – Momma Taught Me Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Yeah, I’m in the field, gotta tie my laces (Uh-huh)
Me and my wife on a last name basis (Uh-huh)
When I gettin’ home, I’ma run the bases (Run it)
Yeah, now I’m all tired, like Mavis (Hmm)
No shame, baby, you know I’m shameless (Yeah)
Thank God that I’m in His good graces
And you never took a loss like Vegas (Nope)
What if Batman woulda been Bane-less?
Ooh, never really thought about it like that
Guess the story isn’t good unless you got a little bad
Miner League up in this thing, that’s why the M is on the hat, like that
Yеah, seekin’ and you’ll find (Uh-huh)
Don’t happen overnight, yeah, needеd some time (Some time)
Where the OG’s? I don’t see ’em around (Where they at?)
Where the fathers at? Blind leadin’ the blind
I’m talkin’ wobble, wobble
Talkin’ shake it, shake it
Yeah, drop it, drop it (Yeah)
Talk take it, take it (Take it)
When you grow up on that, tell me what you gonna think about women every time they walk past

Just what it is
It is what it is
Live and let live
Ayy, my momma taught me this, ayy
Yeah, oh, yeah
Momma taught me this, this
Momma taught me this, this

[Verse 2]
Yeah, I know I’m a hoot when I’m in New York
Holla have soup, gotta get scoop, ayy (Gotta get scoop)
Down on one-six-two
Got the Holy Ghost wit’ me, I can never be spooked
Me and my (Me and my) Aunt Mary and coffee and Italian cookies
Talkin’ how I was a bad kid and I needed whoopins
Shot the trauma in the teachers ’cause they always push me
Thought I be in [?], now they caught up with me, uh
Now I’m writin’ hooks ‘stead o’ playin’ hooky (Yeah)
Okay, I’m off that
Hate it when they got no A majors, it’s all chat
Only thing you ever held down was the ‘Shift’ button ’cause it’s all cap (Cap)
Told my homie “Fall back” (Back)
“Don’t ya ever be the fella always askin’ where the broads at”
They can tell ya thirsty and that’s why they never call back
If you knew that you could have it, would you really want that?
Got me on my Dr. Phil, off-track
Now I got your back like a bar strap
I got people in my life that I still haven’t called back
I guess when you busy winnin’, it’s still got some drawbacks

Uh, it is what it is
Live and let live, mm
My momma taught me this, ayy
Yeah, yeah
My momma taught me this, ayy
Yeah, yeah
Momma taught me this, this