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Lady Leshurr – D.I.V Lyrics

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I’m not the one
But I’m the one
All round the globe they know I’m a don
I didn’t even need to reply
I was just bored I wanted some fun
I had to do this mainly for brum
Won’t take an L for a gyal are you dumb
You bought it all on yourself you’re a punk
Sending for me nah you couldn’t of done

Verse 1
You don’t want smoke I keep it blunt
Issa publicity stunt
Tryna make it seem like it’s cus of my video when it’s been 1 year & 9 months
Something don’t add up
Tryna use my name for your new stuff
Wanna play mind games gyal are you nuts
What are u tapped blood are you skunked?!
You don’t want that you don’t want none
Wicked and bad spin em and done
Hit em with fax leaving em stunned
Punchlines bang giving em tumps
Just had to hit her with the Birthday beats
Going off and it’s mad like the wordplay be
I got drip like a mermaid scene
Unnuh face is dry nuh look at her grey knees
Kill a girl on her birthday
Blow out the clout with the work rate
Throw your cake on the floor now it’s dirty
Surprise now look at her face
Shook gyal you’re an Earthquake
Can’t see me hat low like nurse pay
This yat shouldn’t of spoke in the first place
Thirsty for controversy
I really must’ve hit a nerve
Why would anyone wait 2 years?
Aww, you sound hurt
You should’ve done a likkle bit of research
You was a meme when I heard bout you
Weren’t on the scene when I heard bout you
Make her jump like a dance get served like food
It’ll get on top like birds eye view
You ain’t a doll baby doll u a target
Wanna be Nicki there’s only one barbie
Thin line between copy and homage
Say it with your chest if ya bra fits
Trash garbage
Sending for who me? A wa di rartid
Flows nobody can cross it
Your closures like Moses and the Red Sea DEPARTED
Build a bridge and then get over it
Run ya gums you need to hold ya lips
Close ya mouth I’ll spin her out her wig
You better make sure you’re closure fits
Cus I’ll knock that back
Pop that strap that’s attached to the cap
Snatching wigs from day facts
Now I got two bodies in a bag
Bout Badum Ba dum dum dum that’s my ting are you dumb don’t remix that
Fake ting I am the realist gyal
Borrow clothes and then keep it gyal
Don’t tell me how many speeches I should do when you ain’t even seeing this gyal
Last one was about 3 years ago so that was a reach come reach this L
If I stopped at number 2
I’d be in the same place as you
Number 4 got my mom a whole house
And my sister a car and me a yard too
I don’t wanna hear no talk on my speeches
When ya done a Queen Speech in ur GRM Daily
That’s just another remix of my ting
Posty knows deep down don’t play me
It’s cool tho
Bare man copied the blueprint kudos
Bare long nights recording in studio
20 years in still relevant
5 years time they’ll be like who are you though
Who though
You can have my old style cah I got a new flow
This ones mad it’s giving them goosebumps
I’ll make their hair stand up just like Coolio
Ivorian cough medicine with clout
Been doing this since you was like 12
With ya push up bra and ya push up mouth
Free handout I can see ya need help
Come fix my crown yeah lift it up
I could’ve dropped this in October
But I didn’t wanna kill in her black history month
Look take the banter it’s for fun
April fools Ashton Kutcher you got punked
Made the rules ask ya mother who’s the mom
Make my food chef me up some good salmon
Come on
Grinding I put the groundwork in
Whilst she’ll be in the lost and found twerking
Likkle Copy cat gyal but da clown version
You’ll get dragged like your house curtains
Draw out
Don’t bodda get brave
Old school like fubu and an N Gage
Who you getting rude too better behave
Don’t make me do u like I did
I’ve been ripping dolls heads off from a young age
Was a tomboy WWF days
Played football sitting and watching the FA
Say nada but they coming with essays
I’m a monster
I’m beast you was right
I’m a dog off the lesh
And I can’t wait to feast
Can’t hear ya control alt and delete
Come harder I’m laughing it’s weak
I can’t even breathe
Ha ha ha on the beat
I’m sorry I mean
Not sorry
I need to remind you all why I’m top I’m elite
Levels above in scene