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Vivo 2021 (The Motion Picture Soundtrack) – One Of a Kind

Music & lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Alex Lacamore
Performed by Juan De Marcos Gonzalez, Lin-Manuel Miranda

Eeey, ladies and gentlemen
The show is right this way
Right this way
Eeey, we have prepared for you
The dazzle in this play
Right this way
So gather all my friends and here we go
Presenting the one and only

Is this thing on?
Gather round, let’s go!

Okay, your tendence is low
But this is a hiccup
Once we begin our show,
Business is gonna pick up
We’re two blocks from la casa
It’s not a new scene
This is our spot in the plot
So check out the routine
Ladies and gentlemen, el Vivo
Picking in with you
Baby, I think you’re ready to learn
A thing or two once we swing
As I sing [?]
Make you scream, whooah

Eeey, lo-le-lo-lai lo-le-lo-lai
Lo-le-lo-ley, lai-ley-lo-ley
Eeey, lo-le-lo-lai lo-le-lo-lai
Lo-le-lo-ley, lai-ley-lo-ley
You & I we’re one of a kind
Keeping time every time.