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Smino – R&G Lyrics

Round it up
Oh, oh, oh

[Verse 1]
Hop off the phone, call his
I know it’s so important
I’m focused on fortunes
Yeah, yeah, I’m scorchin’
Sure we are, Shoreditch
I rock Air Forces don’t force shit
Long hair, uh-huh
Blow her, uh-huh
Juices in Paris ain’t no purr (Uh oh)
Ice cream, I’ll sneeze
Look like [?] (Come ‘ere)
Get it big, get the facial, oh
Never let the bullshit faze ya, look
You’re too big, you’re too big, too big, big

Just remain me
Just remain me
Just remain me
Just remain me
Just remain me
Just remain me
Just remain me
Just remain me

Raised in gravy
That you can’t eat
Shit was crazy
Mama baby
Only son in her Earth she had to blame me
Any time some shit redundant weren’t no strain on me

[Verse 2]
Ain’t much changed lil’ [?] niggas
Still sit here smokin’ on boogers (Boogers)
Still look out for my sisters (Sisters)
They don’t wanna put me on game, no rookie
Never let a lil’ hoe spin your way, spin yo’ cash
Life a movie nigga blick yo’ cash
Quentin Tarasmino
Blackjack, no casino (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
North County, yeah, that’s where my blood, my family at
I spill it out for the family, yeah I know (I spill it out, oh)
Done, done it all, all summer long
These kids poppin’ they sing along
I know [?]
Smart guy, I needed more like Marcus
Remarkable how big my market is
Get it so it stand still
Time never stood still, stand
Dirty laundry (Lemme hear that)

Just remain me
Just remain me
Just remain me
Just remain me
Just remain me
Just remain me
Just remain me
Just remain me

Raised in gravy
That you can’t eat
Shit was crazy
Mama baby
Only son in her Earth she had to blame me
Any time some shit redundant

cupcakKe – Elephant Lyrics

Play this song

It feel hot as Hell in this studio, man
I feel like snatchin’ off this wig, goin’ crazy
It’s finna get ugly for you hoes

They’re like, “cupcakKe, you gotta do more, why the fuck you don’t do features?” (Ah)
‘Cause it’s no face, no case, that’s why I don’t do the shit, let me teach you (That all)
Got one call, keep the circle small, like the lace holes in your sneakers (On God)
I be a City Girl, finna clap a bitch, chopper make her shake like Caresha
I’m on your block boy, no JB, uh
Hella woke but I play sleep, uh
Want a verse? Gotta pay me
Ain’t shit free, no JT
He got a mask on ’cause his breath stank, that shit ain’t due to no COVID, hoe (Hahahaha)
The draco puttin’ holes in ’em, man, it look like I’m spellin’ OVO
Man, Nicki ain’t won a Grammy yet? That ain’t sittin’ right, that’s hate
And my makeup be on beat, I bet Blueface can’t relate
They say, “You lackin’ when it come to interviews,” I say, “Nah, nigga, I’m straight”
‘Cause there’s no need for The Breakfast Club if you already done ate
Like her nigga did on that one night I forgot to shave, that’s weird
That nigga left her house with no facial hair but I sent him back with a beard (Damn)
When I’m the hood, bro, I’m good, hoe, when they offer food and beers
‘Cause these niggas got roaches so I just hold the cup and say, “Cheers”
No, I don’t wanna drink, give a fuck what you think
Yeah, my attitude stink but my pussy still pink
Walk in with a mink, drip hard like the sink
And the Glock get drawn on a nigga, black ink
Bitches so rude when I’m out with my dude
They be staring at him and they don’t even blink
Fuck it, I gave her a black eye, no peas
Now that bitch don’t even know how to wink
Now she Fetty Wap, while I’m getting guap, bitches so fraud when they speak
Think she fly, must be Spirit ’cause I swear to God, that’s cheap
Told that bitch, “Beat your feet, there’s no way my nigga gon’ cheat”
‘Cause it’s Rosa Parks on a nigga face, I ain’t gettin’ up from this seat (Hahaha)
If you got somethin’ to say, then say it bitch, and you better say it wit’ yo’ chest
Everyday, I make another bitch pissed, I’m like a walkin’ pregnancy test
Shorty, I’m all the way on the top floor and you damn near front desk
It take one bullet, now you Heaven sent, I’ll let Keisha Cole say the rest
Niggas get a haircut and a Gucci belt, then wanna flex in they shitty clothes
Whole time, niggas money shorter than Tory Lanez on his tippy-toes
So slick with the shit, you can never peep when I’m out here givin’ cold
Like, I can say, “I got a booger,” and that just mean wipe a nigga nose
Talk shit on the internet then I pulled up, she was hella proper
Since her brain so foggy, bring back Kobe, put her in the helicopter
And it’s R.I.P, to his daughter, man, we gon’ ball like Gigi
Foot on they neck, then they ass dead, these hoes elephant, Fifi, ayo
Hoes so silly, flow on Milli
Bitches turned out four-five big dealers
Pussy so trilly, he pay the billy
Then I let him fuck, um, no, not really
Everything is at stake like Philly
Tea so hot that it’s finna get spilly
This for Chicago, 63rd Cosmos, but I got cribs in Hollywood Hilly
Last night, I met Karen, I had to beat the bitch out her cargos (Stupid ass)
2020, niggas still racist but it ‘posed to be ’bout what the heart shows
Black and white sense of unity, we could really look like a barcode
But right now, it feel like doin’ laundry, can’t mix the whites with the dark clothes
So, nigga, I’m not convinced
This that muhfuckin’ opulence
If not me, who toppin’ this?
No, we ain’t shit but the opposites
Use your muhfuckin’ common sense
In the face, I let the llama spit (Brra)
Now she talkin’ ’bout, “Let’s make up,” do I look like Rihanna, bitch?
“Please ​cupcakKe, please, can you take this shit ease?” (Nope)
I’m in my bag like I’m eatin’ king crab, let me roll up my sleeve
These hoes irritate my soul, like seein’ Air Forces with the creases (What are those?)
And you know I keep that .40, that bitch bussin’ like Bernice, on God