Hayley Williams – Wait On Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
I don’t wanna wait on you
But it’s just what I keep doing
As if I got nothing to do
As if my life won’t keep on going without you

The sky will wake up every morning
And sometimes feels the need to pour out
All the feelings it’s been holding
But either way, it never comes down
It knows its place, and knows a way around the clouds
And their design

[Verse 2]
For every fairytale untrue
And all the hearts yet to be broken
For every bird who never flew
Well, it’s a wonder we keep going, without you

The sky still wakes up every morning
And sometimes feels the need to pour out
Evеrything it’s tired of holding
But either way, it nеver comes down
It’s gonna stay and find a way around the clouds

There was a bird who never flew
But she still kept all of her feathers
So she could pluck ’em out for you
And you could wear them in your hair and
She’d be with you

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