Papoose – Is It Worth It

feat. Wiz Khalifa & Brady Watt

I see you working for it,
I see you working for it
I see you working for it
But is it worth it?

Please, this is Wiz Khalifa bamboo paper rollin’
and split for rifa, hit my homie up on a DM
Either the feed [?] saying they mixed tequila
As [?] I said more brandy and Mauritia
Back when I was broke bought the slice
And split the pieces
And took the snooze out of my joggers so I could fit the sneakers
Now it’s their present, it’s more Franklins than Arreta
Love and hip-hop, I got guns just like my nigga plead the black revolver
The gold cylinder, 9 milimeter
More hammer, you don’t know none, nigga
Been a haters tag on me

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