Papoose – I Wanna Know

Ah ha
I wanna know what’s going on
I wanna know what’s going on

“I Wanna Know” Lyrics continue below:

My verse rolls free cheese lines
Cause we was dirt poor
Took the P off a purse, these niggas the worst dogs
Still a pocket robb
Yet they call it merciful
When they used to beef on a block
Hammers reversed off
We had to duck down ’cause we lived on the first floor
[?] crazy, Eddie commercials enough balls
Packman Junior, who got the best or the worst score?
The warriors they killed, that little jerk off
Blamed it on the twenties
Still had to fight in the terf war
Police tapped them in line, so we were curbed calls
Next telephones
Hit me up on a [?] dog
They liked jams a lot
Stick the key and turmoil
The gun is in the mailbox when you got to the first door
TNT ran in that crib, up on the third floor
Melted uranium, the block is hot as the Earth’s core
the golden chair, I cut the M [?]
Baby, I’m ready
I see what Devil reverse saw
Sick with this rappin’, somebody google’ it
Search “Cure”, poor [?] next to your door.

I wanna know what’s going on
I wanna know what’s going on

I live precise, a high caliber writer
Living life to show the significant difference between
Many whites ..Michelle Obama
They go low, we go at different height
Woman’s empowerment, advocate supporting women’s rights
Stick my finger in the road to re-phone and spend it right

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