Chillinit – Sleep All Day Lyrics

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[Intro: Chillinit + Cino]
Yeah, what we got?
We roll by the fifty
Mary Jane brain, sipping on the Whiskey
This what we do
Haters gonna talk the talk, but in a triple 2-0 we gon walk the walk
We keep it real
Because, life’s a bitch, I don’t trust that shit
Money over hoes, fuck that shit
Money on my mind, no time for the others
So I live for the drugs and I die for my brothers

[Verse 1: Chillinit]
Certain with the worst shit
This is a democratic downfall, rocking at a town hall verdict
You know life’s perfect
Well you ain’t seen some of the shit where my clique rolls with thе worst bits
Man gotta learn this, trust none
Cause your sidеkick might hide his wire and turn snitch
I’m in a drug circuit, life seems like a circus
Fuck em all, let my drugs burn bitch
Hip-hop was a strange scene for the drug users and money abusers of age eighteen
I wanna try and wipe my damn slate clean
So me and my great team take out the mainstream
Call me Titanic, you watch me sink deeper
Bend for a six week’er till I meet the Grim Reaper
Rocking big sneakers, size 9s
No fake faggots could ever rock my shoe size
Whose lines, are the ones to cause nightmares?
Life’s unfair because nobody fights fair
Pay or face black lips in the black rubble
Junkie house, fat addicts with a fat puddle
We on the upper class grass, right?
Dope fiends finding their dreams lost within a glass pipe
Rampage and rise of the young and lemon lines
Sydney city is turned into a ghetto
Legs shake like Jello
Bu-B-B-Bu-But, you never did shit so you’re a fake like Geppetto
Hello, my name is Dr. Greenthumb
That’s why I blow fiddy’s until my dreams come
Ounces in the pound, weed by the hip hop
Fighting for survival, I pray for this to stop
God says “Never!”, drugs in the ziplock
OG kush’ll make a fiend do a pitstop
They be talking bout the old school rap
Fuck young money, bring the old school back
I’m a lonely stoner that’s all about his cones, man
Body of a young boy, mind of a grown man
Reality’s too ruthless for me
You’re not careful in the clubs, you’re gonna go home toothless
My mindstate’s full of wisdom
So if I use my time great, one day, I could run the kingdom
I fucking make millions, two smartphones, crime life
Slippery criminal with a never ending timeline
It’s my life, motherfuckers ain’t heard of it
420 tribe, Sydney city just murdered it
Education is the rival
My teacher never preached me shit, my music is my bible
Survival in the streets
Every day in class, headphones on, still bopping to the beat
And hip-hop lives in the soul of a pissed off teen
Sitting there, ripped off green and his breath’s gone stranded
But he refused to breath till the scenes that he respects gets demanded
And that’s for certain, kid
And if not, then this fly motherfucker cause turbulence
From the suburbs, I’m all about my urban shit
Yeah, you bought your respect but I’m earning this
So start learning kid

[Intermission: Chillinit + Cino]
We bringing that old schools sound back
Me, Cino, featuring many others on the 4-triple-2-0
Shouts to my fans and my fam from the city yo
Shouts to the haters talking shit on our videos
Shouts to the players that are ripping true flow
And all the mad lovers from the triple-2-0
Yeah this is Cino
You know how I flow, watch me flow
Yeah this is Cino
You know how I flow, watch me flow
Yeah this is Cino
You know how I flow, watch me flow for your hoe
Yo Cino
Teach em how to roast this shit, motherfucker

[Verse 2: Cino]
You fucking know how we roast shit
Light the [?] till the cone’s lit smoking [?]
Quick to smoke it, take a hit while the spliff’s lit
Sticks I split with my brothers, chill for a bit then split
Intellectually that emcee, I crush a fat syllable
Ridicule the fools when their flows be less than minuscule
Stiff like a stool son, I’ll send you back to school
420, keep it fresh, stacks of sesh, we esh
Cause on the mic I rule, I dribble raps
Do or die for this and that’s a fact
Kicking back, crew intact
Spitting words and phrases bigger than an early Schwarzenegger
Sick shooter I can figure, bring my finger to the trigger
Surbubanly and ubranly
I’m blazing up your nurseries
Sick amounts of pot to make lungs rot
Zig zags, big bags
Tick tock went the clock as my brain went ba-bop
What, you’re gonna call the cops? Fuck it, call the SWAT
Cause we ain’t stopping hipping that hop and rocking at your door, we’re knocking
Bringing back a tantalising taste of that old school flavour
All up in your face

[Chorus: Chillinit + Cino]
Just wanna sleep all day (Sleep all day)
I wanna smoke all night (Smoke all night)
I wanna let Mary Jane (Do what?)
Invade my brain
Just wanna sleep all day (Sleep all day)
I wanna smoke all night (Smoke all night)
I wanna let Mary Jane (Do what?)
Invade my brain
Just wanna sleep all day
I wanna smoke all night (Yeah)
I wanna let Mary Jane
Come in my room and fuck me haha

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