Russ Millions – Plugged In Freestyle Lyrics

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Part 1
Done know
Russ millions
I’m back
Plugged in with fumez
Know we had to give you suttin’ special
My bro Buni
Let’s go

[Verse: Russ]
Pull in a party with my chargie
No paparazzi I’m with my army
Like kamikaze I’m a yardie
Cah my hair screw loose she think I’m mali
Upfront like vardy shoot out the crowd
Hide your barbie
Badman don’t suck punani
Man suck her breasts make her harny
Needs to hit that one more time
Old ting but the pum pum’s mine
I’m with wayne now she thinks I’m 9
That’s my killy, bro, my slime
Spin the block yo take that right
Stretch my arm and let one fly
Back my ting rudeboy don’t hide
Copper lеad get filled with bine
Killy with a milliе get busy
She wan’ get fidy
‘pon willy get giddy
Real bad man can’t take me for billie
Ya see me killy killer cat [?]
For the culture like trippin’ lippy
Do my dance like shibby
Show my gun lean now she wan’ get fidy
Shorty said russ you’re way too litty
And let me keep it real tell me won’t suck plant of jill
Love a browning like CZ mills
Takin’ my shot go straight for the kill
Unless it make sense can’t sign no deal
Don’t get your head back peeled
Operate the ting with skill
Pull up on me and you might get jilled
I never worked in retail
Got a hundred bookings in my email
Mary stretch yeah she loves the detail
Run them down and I love them females
Gas, gassed up like petrol
Real bad man from the ghetto
Hear the sound of the echo
Bullet blow out your marrow
Are you double S
North gyal pum pum’s the best
10 10 uck’s excellent
Leng leng man creep and kweng
Make the card dash like shan
We’re already like taliban
In the field like afghanistan
808 kick like Jackie Chan

Fumez the engineer

Part 2
[Verse 1: Buni]
Blick that blick that
Buni wan’ blick that
Gunshot fuck up your six pack
Swing that ying that keep don’t bin that
Shit get hot when I ping that
Zing that zing that brobro spin that
We ain’t tryna hear ’bout get backs
Tek that tek that he couldn’t tek that
I should’ve just yinged out his head back

[Verse 2: Russ]
Spliff in my mouth
Gun on my hip
One in the clip
I might b.o. your chick
Doctor run when she liked my pic
Cutest face and she nice and tit
That’s your bm she’s in my dm’s
Can’t take man for a punk like cm

[Verse 3: Buni]
Numerous man got ripped
Shit, next time get bun in your wig
He nearly got bun in his wig
Pissed bare man just runnin’ and shit
Bad man ain’t havin’ that shit
Let me see one of them I’m lettin’ it rip
There ain’t no settlin’ this
I’m OTT when I’m steppin’ with this
[Verse 4: Russ]
Generators and shanks, love my fam
Girl I make bands
Baby drive the boat with no hands
She love my dance she said I’m lit
I like the way she’s moving her hips
Control her two hands on her
If she a bad bitch give her this dick
Tik tok tik whinin’ on it

[Verse 5: Buni]
Two skengs two man on a glide
Wave that dot dot side to side
I don’t wanna hear about the other side
Cah the other side don’t come outside
The last time that they came outside
One got shanked and left outside
Real bad man gyal feel my vibe
‘fore I stretch my arm that’s a crucify

[Verse 6: Russ]
Tekky your mandem ready
Shoot man’s head or ching man’s belly
Big batty big batty shake like jelly
I’m gassed up gassed up like petty
Really out here for the readies
But if they want smoke come armed and ready
Two hands on a skeng, steady
Aim up high I don’t want no leggy

[Verse 7: Buni]
Been hearing my name a lot
It’s all fun and games ’til my loadout drops
Don’t slip or you’re holdin’ shots
If you hang with them then you’re holdin’ shots
Man bully up any man’s block
Rock with the dotts turn any man off
Bad man turn many man off
Two yellow cards gon’ sen’ a man off

[Verse 8: Russ]
Man a real skeng man
‘Ead not good man a real mad man
Real life stepper
Ring ding ding get the pum pum wetter
Skin get bun
Gonna do russ all the pagans come
Sloppy top two balls on her tongue
All the girls in the world man love them
But if they fuck with opps then fuck them
Pumpin’, man stay round winners and gunmen
Poke them because I done them
Like big tits but I prefer the bum den
Come shake your booty for russ then
Shake your booty for russ then

Fumez the Engineer

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