NAV – Solo Sippin’ Lyrics

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Money Musik

All these hundreds got me limpin’
Got so many bitches
She thought I was pimpin’
Molly, what I’m pinchin’
Codiene, what I’m sippin’ (Yeah), by the pint
I roll with sharks, I’m in the deep end
No, no, I don’t need friends

Met that girl one time, I hit it with no phone call
I don’t play no sports, but I still know how to ball
I got some plaques I gotta hang up on my wall
I like my bitches short, I like my money tall
I rolled the dice, it changed my life
I wasn’t shit, ooh, now I’m legit, ooh
I came from dark times and now it’s lit, ooh
Diamonds on my fingers, got ’em on my neck, too
You slept on me and that made me resent you
I shitted on you and I meant to
Now I don’t care if I offend you, nah
So if you don’t like me, don’t pretend to, nah

[Open Instrumental]

Money Musik

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