Lecrae – I Am Restored Lyrics

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It’s like
It’s like the Devil tryna scare you
And then the angels come in and the angels
They let you know who’s in charge

I tried living apart from God
At times I was feeling so far from God
My faith in these people done left me scarred
The hatred and hurt was so bizarre
I thought that he would always ride for me
I cried, but nobody replied to me
I questioned the truth inside of me
And right about then, was when the Devil had lied to me
Like: “Hold up, God got you, He don’t ever show up
All His people acting like they know you
Tell you that you do it for the money, fame, power, tryna blow up
Why you playing games? Time to grow up
You’ve been reading Bibles and leading studies and helping your little buddies
But tell me: what it’s really doing for you?
They gon’ still tell you’re faking and phony inside
Assuming your every motive, so what’s the point of tryna keep it loyal?
Stuff you had faith in, you’re starting to race back
Can’t even take dates, you hoping to save faith
Trying to go mainstream in order to reach folk
Ain’t nobody rocking with you, especially these folks”
I lost it, why I’m drinking liquor in my closet?
I used to pray in here, but now I’m saucy
I’m losing money, I’m a lost prophet
I’m making bad decisions, every time I get exhausted
Lord, I don’t even know the real me now
Demons got me tripping, tryna kill me now
Satan tryna figure who can help get the liquor
Send an angel in the Uber, come and heal me now
Evil, you ain’t got no control of me
I’m never too far from the blood to flow from me
I lost a lot, but got too much to gain, I’ll prolly never be the same
But I ain’t worried, ’cause I know He restoring me

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