JAKOBI – Hourglass

Still waiting for these better days
Thankful for the time I had to make for you
Convinced that all the bitches are the same
Can I write it down on my knees and I pray for you
I told myself that I would never fall in love
Cause I got overdose from different [??]
Thanks for you, thanks for ya

I told you I love you and you used that shit against me
Now I’m looking stupid
Now every time I fuck I can’t look you in the eyes
Lately I’ve been going through it
And if you look me in my eyes and tell a lie one more time
I’m gonna lose it
All these bitches treat me bad, I’m so scared to fall in love
It’s the last time then I’m done
You got me fucked up,
When I first met you were [??]
You’re always caught up in your pride, you got it stuck up
I don’t know why all these bitches ever trust us?
I never lied to you, I can’t do it, why won’t you do it the same?
I showed you of just like a trophy
You Just loved me for my name
I’m too scared, but I just want the truth
Tell me how you see it
Everybody knows it, all my songs are about you
You ain’t fucking with my lyrics even though I speak the truth
Man, I talk about these btches but I’m supposed to talk about you
Like you ain’t on my mind when all I’m thinking bout is you bugging out
Bitch you broke my fucking heart, you expect me to put you on
I was rocking with you even though you ain’t do me wrong
Ever tell a bitch how you really feel?
Cause they ain’t gon say it [?] that shit for real

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