Declan McKenna – Daniel, You’re Still a Child Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Daniel, you did it
You made me cry
You spent 10 days in bed when I asked you why
And requested my whereabouts through tweets
Darling, why do you bury yourself in sheets?

[Verse 2]
Well, I told you
There’s unrest in the House of Lords
Written on sandwich boards
Outside the shop where they sell your favourite drink
So what d’you think you’re doing telling people lies?
The hope’s going like Christmas pies, but it’s never gonna stop you turning pink

Daniel, you know it
You wanted to
Find a place on your own like you always do
I’d bear in mind
Daniel, you’re still a child

[Verse 3]
Daniel’s gone running
The trail’s gone cold
You’ve been acting quite strangely
Since 10 years old
And when you were 11
They said, “You ought to pray to high heaven you don’t get caught”

Well Daniel, don’t worry
You won’t be missed
You’ll spend 10 years in prison
To pay for this, ah
Is it all worthwhile?
Daniel, you’re still a child

You got a death wish, child
Four cans of pesticide to drink
4:30 Western Time
The boy’s been arrested
Why d’you think?

Daniel, you’re still a child
Daniel, you’re still a child
What is wrong with Daniel, he’s no fun
You just wait till Daniel hurts someone
Daniel, you’re a weirdo, what the hell?
You just wait till Daniel hurts himself

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