Kanye West – Jam 15 Lyrics

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Mustard on that beat, ho

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
Baby girl, shake that (God damn)
You gon’ make me spank that, I’m tryin’ not to break that (Oh yeah)
It’s the big payback (Ha)
Your momma gave you all that, you better not waste that (You better not)
I see you got on all latex (Bonita)
I see you fuckin’ with the ballers and the players (Word)
Got sticks in Andreas (Ha)
Baby, bring it up (Go), bring it up (Go) like [?] (Go, go)
She do a split on the dick (I ain’t lyin’)
Lil’ freaky-ass bitch always showin’ her tits (Godly)
Girl, I know your man at home pissed (He big man)
You throwin’ it back like you need you some rent (Oh you [?])
You sayin’ that CÎROC got you bent (You lil’ drinker)
You and your friends can meet all my friends ([?])
Fifteen freaky girls in a Bent’ (Tell ’em)
You know I got the drip that can thirst your quench (Yeah)
After the club, hit the crib with shawty (Yeah)
I’ma send her naughty ass back by mornin’ (Yeah)
8AM in the Maybach yawnin’ (Yeah)
Got a real big play to make this mornin’ (Throw me a Benz)
Yesterday, I was in the club, it was crazy
I know these bitches backs hurt (Back) from all that shakin’ (God damn)
Girl, you a star, no [?] (Yeah you is)
This song right here is for the Sonias and Staceys (Aye)

[Verse 2: Kanye West]
Let them, let them, praise the name of Lord
Please don’t never, don’t insult it
His Majesty is above
Earth ain’t have [?]
Let them praise the name of Lord
His alone, He’s on His altar
His Majesty is above
Earth ain’t had this, Psalm 148
Psalms on the way, Psalm 148, 148
Let them praise the name of Lord
Let me praise the name of the Lord
Dropped on the game, went and scored
Uh-dun, I came and I saw
Though I love her, came on a four
Bitch, you wanna game when you’re bored
You know it, you a came and afford
Got that that you can’t even afford
Puffin’ on a [?] for the cord
Let me praise the name of the Lord
Somethin’ on a sudden got me bored
Runnin’ and it’s feelin’ like a chore
[?] ’cause you only want more
[?] get the bitchin’ at the door
Somethin’ in the name of the Lord
[?], oh yeah, uh, oh yeah, uh, uh, uh
Oh yeah, oh yeah, uh
Pullin’ off us for the opposite, don’t attack at it
[?], what you try to get?
Hold ’em off a bit, that’s a [?]
This is how to teach on some politics
On some mobster shit, that’s the Carter bitch
It’s a college bitch on some knowledgin’
This is not a bitch, if they not a Crip
If you not a quit, that you gotta get
Let me praise the name of the Lord, huh

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